Saturday, February 14, 2015

John Wick

I actually saw this movie when it came out along with a few others that I'll write later about. It was an accident that we saw this because I didn't know this was coming out and saw a small preview. I thought it looked pretty good but we were hesitate because Keanu Reeves is known as a pretty boy(not into pretty boys) and I haven't seen anything from him since ??? I don't even remember.

Anyway, I was surprised when I saw this movie. Keanu did a very, very good job- I mean really awesome job. The scene where he reads the last letter, with the gift, from his wife made me want to console him as I felt so bad for Wick. This scene , for me, showed how Keanu has grown as an actor.
The physical scenes he did were terrific and he was very convincing as a bad ass.

I won't tell you how the movie goes since you should go and see it yourself. Fantastic fights with or without guns. Michael Nyqvist and William Defoe costarring and do a terrific job.
I hope Keanu continues his great work. I was really impressed as was my son who saw him only in Dracula and Bill and Ted.

Now about the pretty boy image. Keanu is now 50. I am happy to say he has lost that pretty boy look and he is just absolutely a beautiful man.

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