Thursday, March 27, 2014

Normal Sewing Rooms

   Everywhere on the web you see all these lovely sewing rooms. Pinterest is just loaded with hundreds of picture perfect sewing rooms. I look at them and try to get my sewing room in order and it actually is. What it isn't is this pristine, neat and full of cool storage furniture and supplies. Half of these pretty rooms don't look like anyone even uses it or looks like I couldn't even afford the thread the owner uses. Full to ceilings with supplies from fabric, yarn, stamping, beads,etc.all put away neatly in their cool containers in their Ikea shelfs.

   I have projects all over the place, laundry waiting to be put away and dust bunnies with cob webs in every corner. It is an orderly chaos and I use my sewing/laundry room all the time and can't worry that every single item is put away everyday. So here's to real normal sewing rooms.

From the Thrifty Needle 

From Diana Eng

From Jayne's Quilting Room

From Dramatic Threads

From Rhonda Bracey

From Thayer Rags Sewing Room

From Jo's Country Junction

From Hi How are you?

From Anything with a Needle

From This Busy Mommy

From Sew! Busy! Mama!

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