Saturday, March 1, 2014

Garden Dreams

This winter is just too long, too cold, too snowy and I'm just sick of it. I finally found some of my photos from this past summer with my painted chairs with flowers and my fairy garden. Here they are and I can't wait until the snow is gone and it's warm. My 11 year old just took a look at the photos and loved how there was no snow-the kids are so sick of it too.

These chairs were broken and just couldn't have anyone sitting on them so why not use them in my garden.I also painted my flower pots.

Here's another view and if you look to the very right I used another broken chair for a flower holder.

This is such a beautiful colored flower.

My burgundy colored lilies.

More lilies.
This is the other broken chair I painted.
More photos of my fairy garden.

This is my fairy garden and a lot of the items I bought here were on clearance at Jo Ann fabrics. I just went to a bigger Jo Ann's last week and saw they have a whole section now for fairy gardens.

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