Sunday, June 3, 2012

June Sewing Project Challenge

May was great as I made a lot of progress. I didn't buy a stitch of fabric,craft or yarn for new projects. I did have  to buy burgundy thread and 4 inches of glitter dot fabric to finish a belt. I also had to buy interfacing,white flannel and terry cloth because I was almost out and can't sew diapers.
I did go a bit crazy and bought some new sewing feet for both my sewing machines and serger. I didn't count that for my sewing challenge. I'll blog later about what type of accessory feet I bought.
This month I bought a half a yard of pillow fabric which I didn't need but I was good last month and come on-you can only go so long without buying a little piece.

This month's challenges:
1. Not buy anymore fabric/yarn/craft stuff for jewelry or hair accessories unless it is to finish a project or/and a custom order.
2. Finish my list of projects for this month.(List is on the side of my blog).
3. If I finish my projects for this month , I can start one new project.

One of my goals is to use up all the fabric I have by the end of the year.
Some of my goals I had planned earlier this year -I haven't done like my son's hoodie, belly dance costumes and I
looked and decided to make the top that I had earlier decided not to do.
Beginning of the year challenges.

Let me know what you have challenges for this month.

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