Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marvel Halloween Costumes

My boys have decided on their costumes. The 7 year old wanted to be Wolverine so sadly it is easier to buy the costume than make it. I even bought him some claws for it. This is the yellow comic book costume.
The 11 year old wants to be comic book Deadpool. Why? Wolverine movie or maybe the Wolverine cartoons we have. I was surprised because he doesn't know the character very well. (I do but that's because I'm a comic book fan).I will have to draw up a pattern and make his costume from scratch. No pattern or costume for Deadpool is available.
So I already bought some red knit but will need to buy more. I will probably use a pj pattern for this too.
Oh boy now they will have a reason to fight.
Now if I could only get the 17 year old to do Sabertooth from the movie.

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