Friday, October 30, 2009

Tribaret Bra

Project Level-Intermediate to Advance
Project List- Underwire Bra
Fabric for the outside and inside
Beads Strung already
Coin Necklaces
Hooks-Real good ones
Beads -glass Beading
Thread Beading Needle
Gold Trim
I've made a coin bra before. To see how to take apart and cover a bra go to
has lots and lots of links I worked on this bra for about 3 months. After taking apart and covering it, I added the layer of already strung beads to the front. I did an extra stringing of the beads just as a precaution. I then started hand stitching the gold trim on top of the strung beads. After looking at it- it was too empty so I hand beaded glass beads to the trim. I then added the cabachons and hand beded those. This is what took so long to do. I then hand stitched the necklaces on the bottom of the cups. I got those at Goodwill for a 1.00 each. I added the straps after the cups where done. I will have to redo them since I made them too small. I added big hooks on the back. This is very important so your costume stays in place. I can't wait to wear this to a show someday. It matches my Hakama pants too.
Vendors of Tribaret Bras
Tahiya-has made Bras for Ansuya


HipDroppedStitches said...

Wow, truly beautiful!!! Great work!!!

Erika's Chiquis said...

Thank you very much.