Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tribe has been down since Thursday. Today though you can't even click on it and say will be back so and so time-it just doesn't show up at all. I know a lot of us are having tribe withdrawals. I hope they didn't lose all the profiles, pictures,etc. If it ever gets back, I am going to move all my diy blogs over here. I spent over 3 years doing those and would hate to see those gone.


cinderelly said...

i read on the bhuz site some of the same things and there was a 'tribe refugee' link and it had a thread that says tribe is totally gone! can that be true? nooo! there are a lot of the tribe peeps over at the refugee site though.

Erika's Chiquis said...

I don't think its gone but I know they said they had to bring in experts because the whole system was screwed up and it was up to those people when it got back on line. They might lose some of stuff on tribe which will suck big time. I don't even think it will be up this week. I think it might come back online next week. Like I said -my whole diy thing will be moved when it does come back.