Thursday, June 26, 2014

Show and Tell Time

It's been awhile since I posted some of my items that I have made. From dolls to home décor here are the photos.

 This is my little baby zombie doll I made out of a 2.00 dollar Goodwill doll. I redid her and painted her blue.
 This is my circus Halloween themed dresser that's in my hallway upstairs. Previous post here
 Also in my hallway my redone doll I received when I was 5. Did her up all steampunk circus.
 Remember that craft with the lights and candle stick holders-here is my version with butterflies.
post of craft here
 Hallway again with crazy quilt in a shadow box along with doll dresses I made.
 This is my Halloween counter in my sewing room-lots of weird creepy stuff.
This is the other shadow boxes with doll dresses in them.

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