Monday, October 29, 2012

Plague GothBall 2012 at the Asylum

Okay I lied on my last post about not being out in a long time. So this weekend I went both to Henry's and the Goth Ball events. Otherwise I have not been out and I think we need to get out more because there are such cool events to see and do.
  Anyway, this was my second time here. I love that no one is judgemental, nasty or drunk at this party. Most everyone dresses up but the ren faire costumes where far and  few between but it is a hard costume to do(Hubby was a pirate and me pirate/wench/belly dancer/gypsy). I enjoyed watching people dance so does the hubby. We didn't do as much as we were tired from working(a lot these past 2 months) and hubby is still recovering from his illness.
   When Diabolis In Musica came on, the dance floor really came alive.Fun, silly and great music made us perk our ears up. As they played their historical music 3 belly dancers danced in front of us. Each one lovely and I'm sorry to say , I don't remember their names. Each one did a solo and I loved the sword dance.Beautiful and graceful. The fan dance was fun and flirty. The last dancer was amazing with her twirls,drops and belly rolls. She was very earthy and bold.

We left before the costume contest. Just couldn't stay up longer as we wanted to eat at Denny's before heading home.I know we sound old but I found out you don't get tired more when you get older. No. It's because you have more to do than ever so of course you get tired faster than before.

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