Monday, January 2, 2012

Sherlock Holmes and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Great movie. Suspenseful, funny and action packed. I loved it and so did my kids. Even though Sherlock Holmes is a bit nutty it is always fun to watch how smart this character is. You feel bad for Watson having to always get sucked into his crazy plans. I won't post any spoilers. The costumes were wonderful and I'm wanting to make some of the jewelry and bustle from this movie and the backgrounds are wonderfully done. The castle with the running waterfall underneath it is just gorgeous. I know another Holmes movie will be made and look forward to it.

I went to watch this movie without knowing a single thing about it. I didn't even see the trailer so it was refreshing not knowing what was going to happen and having the story told to me for the first time. It's rated R and it needed for some intense scenes in it. I really liked the female character in this movie. Instead of being a victim she fights back even harder. She even saves a male character's life - which is not the Hollywood norm. Neither are her looks-which is a great change from the usual caked on make up and sleazy clothes that most females characters are done up in. Her appeal is her determination, intelligence and self confidence. I am looking forward to the next installment of this movie.

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buddy2blogger said...

Nice review of the Downey Jr movie. He makes an interesting Holmes.