Thursday, October 13, 2011

Circus Female Ringleader-Gorilla Tamer Costume Part 1

No, this is not me. I could not pull this off-I'd kill myself on those shoes and I wish I had lovely legs like she does. This is a photo from about Amelia Arsenic's costume. Here's the full details about it.

My husband is going to be a gorilla, my 13 year old a banana and me the Ringleader/Gorilla Tamer.
I am making parts of  my costume-a fluffy skirt and waist cincher. Renting a petticoat. Using my lace up boots and black coat with lace(I used if for my pirate vampire costume and day of the dead costume). Top-I'm thinking my lacy black top(also used for the day of the dead costume). I've also bought a mini top hat.

I'll be posting progress on this costume. I just cut out a bedsheet with pinstripes last night but didn't get to sewing it together yet. I hope to have it done this weekend.

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