Saturday, July 23, 2011


I have about two rubbermaids of fabric. Maybe more maybe less. I'm not counting diaper fabric-that's another 3. Of course this is all for my etsy stores. I plan on not buying anymore until half of that non diaper fabric is gone. This is a pretty array of colored fabrics but scary photo of one person's fabric stash. I could not ever use all this up.
Or use all this Yarn. I just have a small basket full and I think its too much.
This is not a picture of me!
Here's one for making jewelry or other crafts. Yup, not even close to this. I guess some people enjoy collecting and there awesome collections but I just don't want to try to keep all this organized.

here's the link for the jewelry stash
here's the link for the fabric stash-
here's the link for the yarn stash-


Scarletslounge said...

I love that pic of you covered in all that yarn! :)
Great blog! Would you like to exchange links?


Erika's Chiquis said...

Hi Gina:
That is NOT me in that picture. What's your link and thanks, erika