Thursday, December 23, 2010

The A Team Movie

I love the movie. I watched the originally show in the 80's when I was a teenager(I loved all the actors from that T.v. series). I was very happy with the cast choice for the movie. They did an awesome job. Of course I love Liam Neeson and loved him in Taken. He's a great actor and a great looking guy and he plays Col. Hannibal Smith. Originally played by the late George Peppard in the T.v. series.

The movie showed how they got together and worked together as unit in the Army. Then we see how they are framed. Unlike the T.V. series where they are serving in Vietnam, the movie deals with them in Iraq.

Capt. H.M. Murdock (Sharlto Copley) is crazy has ever. Originally played by Dwight Schultz in the T.V. series(he makes a funny cameo in the movie)

Bosco,B.A. , Baracus played by Quinton Jackson.This was big role to fill since this role was originally written for Mr. T in the T.v. series. Unfornately, Mr. T doesn't make a cameo.

Last but not least, Lt. Templton "Faceman" Peck played by Bradley Cooper. Always the ladies man. Dirk Benedict played the original Face and yes, I had a crush on him. He still looks good and makes a cameo in the movie.

Go watch it.

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