Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ncis Broken Arrow

Now if you haven't seen the episode-Bye-Watch it first then come back.

Photo by Michael Yarish

For those who have it is a very good one with Tony's Father in it. He is funny in this one.
Flirting with Ziva-even asking Tony if they were a couple and when Tony said no- Dad said he would take a shot.  Poor Tony.
Of course my favorite part is when Tony's Father is going out with Ziva to this fancy party undercover. While on the steps there Tony Sr. puts his hand on Ziva's back then her bottom to which Ziva raises his hand back to her back. Tony Sr. just turns around and smiles to the camera where Tony Jr. and McGee are watching. Not only did he get away with it(you know Ziva would hurt anyone else) but showed off to his son that he could get away with it.
Oh, and now you know Abby's father is past away-her speech about forgiving him for anything just to have him back was sad but giving Tony good advice. I like episodes like this-family members.

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