Sunday, August 16, 2009

Topsham Fair Part 2

We ended up going to the fair again.
We ate again at Bob's Famous Fries and a Cajun Food Place.
Most of the animals were gone by a few were still there including a few goats, chickens , ducks , rabbits and piglets with their big mama pig. Also, a huge boar pig that weighed like 985lbs. He was a big boy.
I also took a picture of this incredibly awesome Halloween Quilt.
It was made by Jennifer Smith of Bowdoinham. Each monster was detailed:Dracula was in a velvet suit, Wolfman had fur, The mummy had some awesome looking old cotton fabric and the headless horseman had a detailed suit on. The witch was cool too. I love this quilt and I do have more pictures to post of it soon.
Thats it for the this fair this year.
See you next year.

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