Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finishing Stuff

Here's a few things I finally finished after they have been sitting around for months. My pirate barrette including a rum bottle and key. This project has been sitting around since '05. Yea, that long. The whole flower was done but didn't know how to mount it. Using a double sided chopstick I connected to this and added tassels. Its a want to be Kanzashi. I had been keeping my scraps from projects hoping to make a bag like this sometime. This has been sitting around for awhile too. Well the picture in the middle has. I finally sewed the pieces together then quilted them to cotton batting using a feather stitch with varigated thread. Then lined in with a cotton fabric. I added on the bottom some filled crochet I did a while back too. On top on the handles is hairpin crochet I did. Some gold buttons around the picture that my mom gave me. She gave me a huge bag of non matching buttons. Always can use them. With the buttons I added some tassels.

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