Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Sewing List 2016

Here is my list for 2016. It looks like 2015 and 2014 lists. Will see if I do it.

1. Finish Pirate Top for Costume

It just needs the elastic put into it. Finish the skirt too.

2. Make Two Summer Tops -one in skulls and one in Super Heroine fabric
this is the pattern

3. Yes, that Halloween Quilt or Duvet cover that I have been waiting for years to make. I think it is more of  dread to cut all that fabulous fabric up.

Halloween fabric on the right.

4. That beautiful Gothic Dress that I fell in love with for a few years now. I would at least buy the fabric for it.

5. Finish Two Raggedy Ann Dolls -one in Green Hair and the other in Purple(I did finish my gothic and blue haired one)

6. Finish a green, black and purple elephant like the one above in blue.

7. Finish that darn Mata Hari Costume.
At least it is on a mannequin so it can shame me each time I go in my sewing room.

8. Other things to get done are
Laptop cover for me.

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