Friday, July 31, 2015

Places in Maine

 This is Damariscotta River in Damariscotta, Maine. Beautiful area. I loved the camp ground and the Pemaquid River. I kayak and swam in that river. On this day I was taking my lunch but had to go back to work.
 This is Pleasant Pond in Litchfield, Maine. Lovely pond to kayak and swim in. We kayak by two Loons and one was doing it's Loon call.
Here is how a  Loon Call sounds on the link below:
 This is the Village Scoop Restaurant in Lyman, Maine. I was able to get a some ice cream on my break from work. It's a cute ice cream shop and I had Bubble Gum and Black Raspberry Chocolate chip Yogurt. It was so good.
Here is their Face book page. Visit Erika's Chiquis's profile on Pinterest.

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