Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to make Fairy Windows and Doors out of Paint Stirring Sticks.

I've been looking for a way to make windows and doors for my garden projects. Here is one of my gardens that I started last year but I am adding to it with logs and more birdhouses. I am also making more for the trees that I want to decorate on my walkway.
Some of the Birdhouses being added to my Fairy Garden.
My husband came up with this idea of using the 5 gallon paint sticks. Using them to  make my doors and windows for my fairy garden.

More Birdhouses. My garden is not even half way done.

He was experimenting with a drill and dremel tool. He ended up using both of them to make these up for me.

He then added a small thin nail in the middle part of them. I ended up painting them and can't wait for him to make me more.


This is another of the logs I added windows and still need to add a door. You can see the nails going through the middle.
I will post more pictures when I have more of this done.
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