Monday, December 24, 2012

My Family's Quilts n More

This is a shirt I made for my father along with 4 other shirts. I mailed them out on Friday and I hope they get the package today. I spent the night before putting on buttons and button holes. I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. as I was determined to get this done in time for Xmas. I did the happy dance once it was in the mail.

This is the two sides of my middle son's quilt. He wanted orange fleece backing. These are all scraps from projects I've made in the past. I can actually tell you what was made with each piece.

This is my mother in law's quilt. She wanted red on the back of hers-well assumed since it is her favorite color.

This is my father in law's quilt. I didn't have any red, orange or yellow blocks so I mixed it up with green,blue and purple. I picked green for the back of his.

This is my hubby's quilt. He has a blue flannel backing.

Here's my youngest son's quilt of X-men with a blue fleece backing.

This my oldest son's quilt with a Marvel's Punisher patch on it. I added a periwinkle fleece backing to it.

I finished them up by Sun. and I'll end up doing this next year again.
Merry Xmas

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