Friday, November 7, 2008

Irish Penny Headpiece

Project Level-Intermediate to Advance
 Project List-
1.Irish Pennies
2.Copper Chain
3.Split Copper Rings 8mm

I started this piece after I finished drilling the coins for my coin bra. I made this drilling holes in my coins.previous blog on drilling coins@from blog from tribe-
I connected them with the split rings. I had one chain that goes around my head and two chains at the top to make it sturdier. On the chains I added a few coins here and there to balance the look.
Here's a pic of me wearing it@
for tribe (since your only allowed one pic on the blog)

I bought my Irish Coins at Velvet Peacock Designs

Where to buy coins-list on the bottom that says where to buy coins@

erika's chiquis blog

Vendors of Coin Headpieces
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Tribal Souk
Cost Less Costumes
The Red Camel
Uber Kuchi
Tribal Bazaar

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