Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wire Crochet Jewelry

Project level:Intermediate
Knowledge of basic crochet needed.
 Project List:
1.28 or above gauge wire in any color
2.lots of beads crochet hook(small one)

I have made crochet bracelets for a while now. I even entered some at the local fair and won some ribbons. You will need to buy a whole spool of wire for this. After I open the spool I thread all the beads onto it because you won't be able to thread the beads after you started crocheting. I did the basic single crochet stitch and added a bead every other stitch.

On the bracelets I stitch them together when I'm done so they are slide on bracelets. The necklace I haven't finished the closure but will be putting some type of clasp closure. There are precautions -don't wear these with chiffon fabric or any other delicate fabric. It might snag even if you do the best job on these. Also, test the wire on your skin-some people might break out with the metal on their skin.

Tutorial site

Below I have a list of links with better instructions than I can give you. Also, many of these sites have free patterns.
 hand weave@

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