Sunday, September 14, 2008

Water Goddess Belt

Project Level:Easy
Project List: Metal Belt Buckles Lots and lots of yarn(different kinds)
Glass Beads
Beaded Necklace(yard sale)
Pieces from broken necklaces
Chain belt
 Blue Bells
I finally finished this belt last year. I had made it awhile ago but it never looked finished so I kept on adding. I used a chain belt like I did here

 I added the belt buckle medallions on the front and back by tying them on with colored ties. I then started stringing the yarn on the back. I strung them through the holes of the chain and double knotted them. I added different colored and different textured yarn.
I then strung a string of kuchi coins across the back. On the sides I added broken pieces from necklaces that had beads and chain. I also added colored blue beads to the necklace pieces. I then added on the sides, tassels made out of syntheic hair with a small feather.
The front I added the light weight coins that you find on hip scarfs. I added them using o-rings. From the medallions I hung a string of glass beads with a coin at the end. I also added blue bells on the front. Last I added a blue necklace(bought it at a yard sale) that hangs in a swag. Before I completed it I wore out (picture above).

 Diy Tutorial by Sara for the beautiful belt she made
Past discussions on making them on tribe

Yarn threads(places to buy yarn)
Vendors I have list on the bottom of this link Tue, March 6, 2007 - 7:39 AM


Anonymous said...

wow, your costumes are so beautiful!!! I stumbled on your blog while looking for a tier skirt pattern just WOW i love the mermaid stuff with the yarns

Erika said...

Thank you very much.
;) erika