Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tribaret Tassel Belt

Project level:intermediate
 Project list Fabric(you pick what you want , I used cotton)
 Jiffy Yarn
Wooden Beads
Tassel Trim
This is my first tassel belt. It is not the usual tassel belt you see but I made mine to allow a coin hip scarf to placed on top.

 I used cotton fabric for the top. I measured around myself and added darts on the back so it wouldn't pucker on the behind. The inside fabric is the same as the outside.Place both right sides together and sew the top and sides(after you added your ties to the side). Make sure your ties are going to be sticking out right(don't sew them wrong or else when you turn over your fabric your ties will be on the inside).
I made my tassels using teal/blue/purple/green Jiffy yarn. I used black yarn to tie the tassels off and tie the tassels onto the base of my belt. I also added wooden beads to the tassels on the tie off,(part were you tie the tassels into the head part) and the on the top of them. I then pinned them (I had five strands of tassels) to the inside of the belt base. I then sewed the bottom with the tassels already secured.I sewed back and forth where the tassels were attached. I then added tassel trim to the bottom to not only add adornment but to cover my bottom stitching. I made my tassels using this site @
to make tassels@
another awesome way to make tassels@
tassel belt designs@ tassel kits make beaded tassels
tassel tool kit@
to make chainette fringe tassels@ beaded tassel w/chainette
fringe@ to make
ribbon tassels@ embroidery tassels with beads@ interesting tassel jewelry@ another site@
to buy Chinese tassels
crochet tassels
knit tassels
another site for crochet tassels
to buy tassels

This site is fabulous for patterns of your fabric for the belt. It also gives you more insight for ATS or Tribal belts and other ideas. Tribal costuming link@ Vendors of tassel belts Fri, May 26, 2006 - 7:30 AM

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