Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mermaid Seaweed Belt

Project level-Intermediate Crochet or Knitting skills needed to make exact but you can use fabric or buy a crochet belt at Goodwill for a belt base instead of crocheting a base.
Project List
Black yarn
Crochet hook(you choose your size hook)
 Iridescent Beads(big value pack)

Shells(I used a shell belt)
Fishing line(Nice type at Joann's)
 Seaweed looking yarn
Iridescent green paillettes

I didn't have a pattern for crocheting the belt. I don't even know how to read patterns very well so I made it up as I went. I used black yarn and crochet a pattern that almost went around my waist. Then using fabric left overs from my skirt , I sewed ties on the front. Not a great front view but

 I continued sewing by hand a shell belt around the crochet part. (I got the shell belt from work. The dept. store I work at gives away broken and/or lost belts from outfits). I then tied the belt around my mannequin to start threading the seaweed yarn through the crochet part of my belt. I went and threaded through every other crochet hole so it wouldn't be bunched up. I double knotted it. I then threaded through the seaweed yarn iridescent paillettes and double knotted those too. Last thing I did was use fishing line type of string(can get a Joann's)and strung iridescent beads in a long sting. I then threaded that through the crochet part of the belt into mini swags. If interested in a shell belt and don't want to make one Shahlah makes some really beautiful ones at Fri, March 2, 2007 - 12:33 PM

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