Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mermaid Starfish Hair

Project Level-Easy
Project List: Aleene's Jewel it
Clear or iridescent 4mm to 6mm beads
Fishing line clear
 Shell belt
Shell necklaces
Diy barrettes

This took me awhile to decide what to use on my hair. I decided on starfish for my barrettes. In the picture there's only one because my dog ate(yes, ate)the other one a day before the shoot. Just glued the starfish on with Aleene's glue to the barrette. I also glued small sized shells on another barrette and added 4mm clear or iridescent beads on them. The glue must settle for 24 hrs but its great glue.

 For a hair/head band I used a belt made of out shells and sewed it on to a piece of the fabric from my skirt. Then sewed some iridescent beads on that. I also added the shell necklaces that you get at craft stores and sewed those on there too.I bought a bunch of those shell necklaces at Goodwill. This is an easy project for mermaid hair. I also have my mermaid falls(front of my head)

 on along with Shahlah's head piece made for me on the sides. and the back of my head Bedouin Braids by K-Lee

mermaid thread with links@

Just go to your craft store to the shell dept. and you can get lots of ideas.

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