Friday, September 12, 2008

Coin Drapes & Bra

Project level-intermediate crafter
 Project items list
Drill 1/16 drill bit
Safety goggles
Drill press or safe way to hold coins in place while drilling

Coin drilling to make jewelry, belly drapes or bra drapes. (by the way-this could be used for drilling holes in shells-but by hand-no drill press) I've made few coin pieces using U.S. money and foreign money. The picture shows a coin belly/bra drape that I made using foreign coins,(inexpensive and nice coins can be bought on ebay). Any drill can be used-10 or 15 dollars for a cheap one at your local box store. A drill press is highly recommended when drilling coins. I did it by hand but it takes longer and you have to work carefully so you don't hurt yourself.

Also, wear goggles to protect your eyes. I used a 1/16 high speed steel drill bit,(very cheap) they are around a 1.00 each. I would buy a few because sometimes you end up breaking them. I bought my chain at Joann's in the bead section. They have different styles and sizes. The smaller ones look more elegant than larger sized chains. Also, you will need O-rings to attach. You can also buy these at Joann's. You will need 6MM O-rings. Lmk if you have any questions. Please be careful doing this and I recommend you have someone teach you how to use a drill if you never used one. Home Depot has classes to teach you how to use them. Also, ask a family member or friend-maybe they will even drill the holes for you.
 Pictures of me in some of mine

 A site to learn how to attach the coins to your bra not only great info. but beautiful costumes by Sarah.

Also, some vendors of coin drapes, coin bras and coin belts and coins. (I love the Irish coins) Tue, March 28, 2006 - 8:39 PM

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Good project, you don't see this every day! One more supplier of coins is us, Rings & Things. (There are multiple coin categories on that page.)

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