Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bi-color Choli

Project level:Intermediate
Project List: Fabric(brocade,cotton,satin,etc.)
 Snaps or buttons or ties or hooks(depending on how you want to wrap your top)
Butterick 4072

 My two colored tops were actually an accident. I ran out of one color of brocade so I had to add another color. So began my two colored choli's. I altered a pattern from Butterick 4072  I made the length of the pattern a lot shorter and made the sleeves short too.

 It took me a couple of tries to make it snug and not too big all over. After sewing the pieces together , I made a band around the bottom of the choli. This is where my plastic snaps are on. (I have a special tool for these snaps but you could substitute it for buttons or any other type of closing. Including ties).
 Plastic snap fastener

I did not add any padding or lining but the brocade is thick enough so you don't see through it. I also wear a bra underneath -so anyone needing support can wear your under garments and they won't be seen. I made it long enough in the front(measure,measure,measure) that it does not ride up and play peek a boo. Plus the snaps keep it in place without it being restrictive.

A picture of my blue/purple one

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